Tzipora Herzog

Tzipora Herzog, was born in Netanya in Israel on the 11th of June 1988. Her father was a second-generation Israeli father of German-Jewish extraction, his parents, in turn, being Holocaust survivors. Her Iranian-Jewish mother fled Iran amid the fallout of the 1979 Iranian revolution. Tzipora Herzog always struggled with her background due to the domestic unease between her parents.

As a youth she would engage in shoplifting, drug use and self-harm to cope with her dysfunctional domestic situation. Tzipora was therefore initially considered unfit for military service. The Kaban (an IDF military psychiatrist) considered her to be an “unstable psychopath” and diagnosed her with the Antisocial and Borderline personality disorders.

Herzog then attended Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany to study medicine. This way she (learned to) carefully hide her mental health diagnosis. She took up German citizenship, allowing her to access student loans from the German government.

With distinction…

After three years of study, she dropped out from Ludwig Max and attempted to enlist again for the IDF. This time, she managed to have her previous mental record declared invalid and deemed having perfect health instead. Rejected on account of her gender after attempting to join Sayeret Duvdevan, Tzipora went on to serve in the Caracal Battalion with distinction. First as a sharpshooter, then as a translator of Arabic and finally as an NCO. At the rank of Sergeant Major, she was honourably discharged. Purportedly, she was also one of the most lethal sharpshooters in history. Tzipora Herzog’s amount of kills rivalled those Vasily Zaitsev and Simo Hayha. Nevertheless, fearing reputation damage, the IDF kept her record as sharpshooter classified. Herzog is to date forbidden to acknowledge her kill count.

After military service, went to India hoping find spiritual solace and underwent instruction by a rather eccentric rishi. Failing to find the enlightenment she coveted (at least in her view), she joined Black Sun in order to repay her student debts. There she built professional ties with a certain Boris Fedorov. Gerard van Hoorn eventually chose Tzipora Herzog to protect his family’s domestic sphere.


Meeting Johanna van Hoorn by accident, Tzipora became Johanna’s personal Yoga instructor; This sparked bad blood between Tzipora Herzog and Dr. Emiel van Hoorn. Around the time of the DSI raid led by Weiland, Tzipora Herzog was furloughed from her security job for the van Hoorn’s.

She is now under threat of legal action if she comes too close to the van Hoorn family. Sensing that she will eventually be hunted down at the behest of Dr. Emiel van Hoorn, she honours van Aalderen’s request to rescue André Weiland in order to find the truth.