In prototype, the UI is due to get an overhaul.

Total Rendition Prototype

With recently acquired equipment thanks to its patrons, development on Total Rendition Prototype is now underway. What to expect from Total Rendition

Recently, the Total Rendition devteam has been honoured to welcome Død Beverte. He will be making the original score and sound design for Total Rendition. Earlier on, one of his tracks featured in the premise teaser of Total Rendition. Owing to him, Total Rendition Prototype will feature a much more fleshed out audioscape, sure to give a taste of what the final result will be like!

The upcoming prototype will feature a host of new features. For instance, the ability to loot defeated NPC’s, “interesting” recoil and additional skills. The UI will be more clear. Take for example the skills screen, which will have a legend explaining the effects of developing each skill. The UI will be more crisp aesthetically too. I might get around to implement the dialogue system. Not to mention the fact that you will be able to use explosives to blow up doors!

Building Villa Therese

As development progresses, the moral dilemmas in Total Rendition will gradually come more to the fore. As the player, you may seek to enlist Gerard’s help in the fight against Gladio, or take a more distant approach instead. With his wealth, allying with Gerard van Hoorn may offer you vast boons in terms of resources. However, you will likely risk getting embroiled in his many filial conflicts. This could bring you within striking distance of Gerard’s brother Emil and his son Peter, who both support GLADIO. This is of course not to mention Gerard’s Objectivist political beliefs, which may not necessarily be to your liking, despite Gerard’s opposition to Neo-Fascism.

Join us!

Currently, the Total Rendition devteam is looking for an environment artist as well. This, in order to overhaul Villa Therese as featured in Ideally, the overhaul should be well underway by the release of Villa Therese is a fictional Art Deco mansion in Noordwijk (the Netherlands), the building style of which reflecting the Objectivist beliefs of Gerard van Hoorn.

We look very much forward to what we will be able to offer once Prototype will be ready! Patreon backers will get advance access, so please consider becoming a patron! If you have the skills that would make you a good addition to the devteam, please mail

Sadly, I am unable to give a release date. It’s only done when it’s done. Like everything else in life.

-Mordechai Gabai