Total Rendition

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Total Rendition is ready and basically, this means as much as that controls in Total Rendition are now completely rebindable to any button or stick on keyboard, mouse and gamepad. While not a feature that is going to be available on “oven-baked” (i.e. binary) releases on earlier than Total Rendition, it’s still an important landmark. It means Total Rendition is going to be a lot more customisable for players than all previous versions of Total Rendition.

On my end, it means that a piece of drudgery is finally finished, as it was probably one of the most boring things that I ever had to do for Total Rendition. Yet, delivering this feature probably was also on the more rewarding things to do as well. X and Y reverting and toggling vs. holding crouch and sprint options will probably become available post-, that is, unless popular feedback demands that we incorporate such features into Total Rendition earlier.

So, where next? Well, will have audio options. will have context sensitive mouse cursors to ensure it becomes clear to players what they are actually doing in the world. We’re truly making exciting progress and we’re excited to make more progress! Now, will hopefully have the inventory system mostly functional.

As has become customary, we do now share change logs on SourceForge, so here is the one of

-Mordechai Gabai