Total Rendition

Some progress has been made with delivering you the much needed rebindable keyboard in Total Rendition. From onward, it is now possible to rebind the action button. It is a major stepping stone toward both, which shall see the keyboard rebindings options fully fleshed out and

You can check out the receipt on Sourceforge. If you’re sufficiently nerdy to compile it yourself, feel welcome to give it a go, or otherwise I’ll advise patience as you wait until version (for Linux), (for Linux & Mac) or (for Linux, Mac & Windows). Hopefully, it’ll be ready as you wait!

Some other updates

Slight change of plan: won’t be released in binary form. Essentially, this means as much as that it won’t be available from The reason for this is that programming, compared to the other essential aspects of the development of Total Rendition, is running ahead of schedule. Hence, for most players, wouldn’t be that exciting, because it wouldn’t have much in the way of new dialogue, new characters and new locations. will therefore be the last pre-alpha to be released on All subsequent “oven-baked” releases of Total Rendition on (and from, Steam) will be Alpha, Beta and Gold.

-Mordechai Gabai