Total Rendition

Total Rendition

While the Villa Therese tech demo has just been released, work has already begun on Total Rendition And yes, the version number is a homage to page 94 of the Private Eye!

The impetus for came from a meetup group called Edinburgh Video-Gamers. It often meets up at the 32B where members such as myself come together to play video games. The event held on the 8th of February was a particularly special one for Total Rendition. I brought with me a laptop containing all versions of Total Rendition released so far. As such, Total Rendition appeared at the meetup event, alongside its trusty fixtures such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (congrats with them winning. Not before long, some of the most useful feedback rolled in that Total Rendition has received so far. And it was from this feedback that ignited the development of

At large, Total Rendition will take of from where, in particular, the Villa Therese Tech Demo will have left off. Now, what it will feature is a lot more interactivity. You can now actually use lighting switches to turn on and off lights and check out nearly every basket, box, desk and drawer. When one of Total Rendition’s players from the Edinburgh Video-Gamers meetup group requested “more interactivity”, I decided to look at System Shock 2 for inspiration.

I hope you will like the result!

-Mordechai Gabai