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Dear friends,

Are you tired of microtransactions? Of crowdfunding games that end up not getting made? Of game development studios which overpromise yet underdeliver? Lootboxes? Neglecting narrative-driven experiences for online modes? Total Rendition may hold your fix! In fact, a demo of Total Rendition for Linux was released plus some video material were released, giving you a premonition of what Total Rendition could be like, if your imagination follows along.

There is just one problem: I am a game designer in lack of money. That means that I cannot build Total Rendition to the extent I intend to. I cannot compensate fellow devs and artists to collaborate with me on Total Rendition. In fact, I cannot even compensate myself from my work on Total Rendition, as extensive as it is. This needs to change!

Do you hanker for a return to game development as an artform, as it was back in the late 1990s to 2000s? If your answer is yes, petition Balderton Capital and Epic Games why Schizotypy Games should be funded, as to ensure Total Rendition is going to be made as intended! You may also petition to any (other) Venture Capital firm as to why Schizotypy Games should receive funding to make Total Rendition. Neither of these come at any expense to your wallet, only a small part of your spare time.

I’ll be leaving you an example letter so you’ll have a rough idea of what to say to them, although feel free to use your own words instead:

Dear sir/ma’am,

As someone who likes to play games, I want to make abundantly clear that I want gaming as we know it to change. While I understand microtransactions are lucrative for companies such as yours, I also believe microtransactions are ruining gaming. We have also noted that investors have been forcing studios to rush games to the market, which led to the Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco, to name one particular example.

In Edinburgh, Scotland a company named Schizotypy Game Development Limited, known shorthand as Schizotypy Games, has been working on its upcoming flagship title Total Rendition. If it will have its way, Total Rendition will have no microtransactions, instead focusing on building an immersive narrative-driven single player experience with 30 hours of gameplay or more, as some of my own favourite games of the past did.

I believe that as a player, this ethos must be encouraged and that there should be more studios like Schizotypy Games. However, despite this, they are undercapitalised. And they understand that I, as a consumer, should not be expected to bear the risks of production by way of crowdfunding. While they have yet to release a product suitable for mass-market release, based on work I have already seen, I believe they have the potential to pull off something that will still be worth your while, while also delivering something that we actually love!

As such, I will hope you will take these words into consideration, that is, to consider investing in Schizotypy Games to help them make games I am actually looking forward to!

Kind regards/Yours sincerely,

[Your name here]

Together, we can make Total Rendition! Now spread the word and be sure to show that QR code whenever you get the chance!


-Mordechai Gabai, game director of Total Rendition

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