Tell your friends about Total Rendition!

Please do, by all means… except, there is a catch.

Did I say “by all means”? Well, forget about that, because you may not use social media. Of course, I can’t stop you from doing so. Although, really, I hope you will NOT use social media such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Tumblr to spread the word about Total Rendition. View it as a challenge not to use social media.

YouTube is very borderline, although it is more of a video-uploading site than social media, because nobody takes the comments there really seriously. The OPR (OP-Comment-Reply) structure must really be essential to the core functioning of the website, to be classified as social media; YT can function without comments and replies, FB cannot.

I suppose IM like Zoom, Steam’s chat component, Discord, WeChat and Skype are okay, although Signal is probably the best. Or even better yet, mail. Encrypted email. Or, maybe, if you can, just tell about Total Rendition offline. It may be hard to do so with the current COVID-19 crisis, although it might still be worth a shot.

There are tons of reasons why Total Rendition is not on social media. I for one, hate social media with a passion. Indeed, social media has harmed gaming; just look at how mainstream the Farmville mechanics have become and you know what made Farmville big? Yeah, Facebook.

So, join the fight against anti-social media and tell your friends about Total Rendition! See that QR-code? Scanning it will transport you to Total Rendition’s page, where you – guessed it – you can claim all currently available demos and all future versions of Total Rendition to become available on, including the Gold Status version.

It’s not the best reason to quit social media, although I suppose it’s a both a good incentive and a starter pack for quitting social media so, what’s stopping you?

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