Mordechai Gabai

I am Mordechai Gabai and I am the Game playwright behind Total Rendition, which basically amounts to being its game director, plus some hands-on work. Some may say it’s the same as being a game designer.

However, to be a Game playwright is to focus on narrative-driven games. Thus, while a Game playwright is a Game designer, not all Game designers are Game playwrights.

Before Total Rendition, I worked on the concept title Fifth Column, released in 2015. For Fifth Column, I did production, writing, design and programming, as I do now for Total Rendition.

Over the course of my career as well as during intermission periods, I have become the subject of numerous conspiracy theories and false accusations. Some of these questionable stories have been published in equally questionable outlets such as the Evening Telegraph.

In 2018, I relocated from my home country of the Netherlands to Scotland. I’m based in Edinburgh (and most definitely NOT Dundee). I abstain from using social media so don’t bother finding me on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Parler, Twitter or whatever! However, if you ever find yourself browsing IMDb: I’m this guy!, & future plans, & future plans A screenshot from the Linux build of Total Rendition version

Essential new features include revamped gunplay, UI additions and an inventory system. I couldn’t integrate all the new features seamlessly with the available assets and level design, so some new features merely have black-box functionality and will appear in later versions, even though technically, these have been implemented. Now, (not is going to be the first Alpha release of Total Rendition.

Getting gunplay right in

So, over the last months I took a break. And frankly, I did not feel particularly confident releasing as an “oven-ready” prototype release and further playtesting revealed my concerns were actually quite well-founded. As such, I think I may have saved a lot of players lots of frustration by postponing. Thus, releasing as […]

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