Something big is happening

The vaunted Total Rendition is nearing completion. However, these are just nuts and bolts.

Over the course of last weekend, I have made the big decision to rewrite Total Rendition’s main story arc and have it set twenty years after the aforementioned events. Actually, “rewrite” is the wrong word here: Total Rendition’s original plotline revolving around Tzipora Herzog’s odyssey against Far-Right militias in Noordwijk becomes a backstory. Thus, I’m not discarding the original story arc, I’m simply writing a new one on top of it, to become the main event.

Somewhere far away from Noordwijk, though perhaps closer to most of us, mentally. I felt the Black Lives Matter protests, as well as the capitol riots in Washington, both left an impression, positively and negatively, respectively. I also noted the USA is a hotbed of – shall we say – quite typical (pseudo-)religious sects, which I shall not need to mention by name, because you will probably be familiar with these. All of the aforementioned have proven to be inspirations to the new story arc I am to bestow on Total Rendition.

Expect a new, different protagonist, yet all of it is still set in the same universe. Furthermore, many of Total Rendition’s characters will (re-)appear, including a twenty-years older Tzipora Herzog (who is to become a mentor and sort-of godmother to the main character). I like to think the new story arc is going to be much more personal for me, yet at the same time also much more relatable to more players.

Understandably, Total Rendition is not going to be released on either nor Steam and will be limited to source code, although an assets editor for Linux and perhaps MacOS as well, will be released on So, Total Rendition’s Steam debut is to coincide with And that’s hopefully also the first occasion where you will see how Total Rendition’s premise is really going to look like!

So, yeah. Something big is happening.


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