Sepia System

Total Rendition’s SEPIA System

The SEPIA System is Total Rendition’s character attributes system. SEPIA is an acronym for Strength, Endurance, Psychology, Intelligence and Agility. These attributes determine how high your character can develop a skill. It also determines base modifiers such as experienced recoil, your movement speed and maximum health.

The SEPIA system is inspired by the SPECIAL system used in the Fallout series. The SEPIA system differs with the absence of the Luck attribute. SPECIAL’s perception is a separate attribute. SEPIA’s equivalents are spread across Psychology, Intelligence and Agility, depending on where it is more appropriate. Finally, whereas SPECIAL has ten levels from 1 to 10. SEPIA has five levels, from zero to four. You will have opportunity to upgrade an attribute either every five levels or as the result of a special event.

SEPIA’s relation to skills

Up to two SEPIA attributes govern each skill. Like the attributes themselves, a skill cannot advance further than 4 nor can it advance further than the downward rounded average of the governing attributes.

The SEPIA attributes strength and agility govern weapons skills such as hand-to-hand, melee and small arms. Furthermore, strength also governs sabotage and intimidation, while agility co-governs lockpicking and stealth. Psychology plays a role in persuasion and intimidation as well as medicine and stealth. Intelligence plays a role in Persuasion, Sabotage, Hacking, Lockpicking, Medicine. And so on.

However, endurance also plays a role in your maximum health. Agility determines how fast your movements are and how high you can jump. Strength can reduce the recoil of firearms and increases the size of your inventory.

Upcoming Prototype

The aim is that by the next prototype release, this attribute system will be mostly feature-complete.

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