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A screenshot from the Linux build of Total Rendition version has been released! Essential new features include revamped gunplay, UI additions and an inventory system. I couldn’t integrate all the new features seamlessly with the available assets and level design, so some new features merely have black-box functionality and will appear in later versions, even though technically, these have been implemented already.

The version of Total Rendition is currently available for binary (i.e. “oven-baked”, that is, playable out-of-the-box) for Linux only. While Total Rendition is not going to be a browser game, a demo would only need to show parts of the game, though to as many people as possible (across platforms, if possible). Having tested Unreal Engine 4’s capabilities for HTML 5 and being eager to “show off” to investors, I do hope to release a playable HTML5 version of in the forseeable future.

With, the look of Villa Therese has been revamped as well, although it still subject to change, as being a level designer is not my main specialty.

While I did announce a major plot rewrite, after having played GTA V (I know, about eight years late), LA feels pretty generic now and therefore, undistinguished. Instead, I have been thinking to augment main premise of Total Rendition as you know it with the themes I had suggested, whilst largely keeping the (unique) original setting and most of its characters intact.

This is pertinent, since I may not want Total Rendition to become a media franchise and instead want to polish and expand the game itself and enhance its cross-platform availability. Thus, I will have to make a choice which story arc is to become most prominent. If you compare game play with literature, you will notice world-building can be much more detailed in a game play. In my opinion, large studios tend to overlook this perk.

Familiarity is often highly prized by marketeers and investors, yet probably overrated. Switching the setting briefly felt artistically gratifying though the artistic satisfaction of the idea has since waned. However, I ultimately felt the exercise was meritorious as a thought experiment. However, on the sum of all things, it is going to be exactly that: Better to instead stick to our guns and most of our original plans while complimenting them with ideas obtained from our thought experiments.

In case you were wondering about Schizotypy Games’ obsession with appraising investment first and foremost, it’s to ensure the Total Rendition devteam can be strengthened, while minimising the need to work unpaid for prolonged amount of periods. The royalty-schemes virtually all Indie Dev Teams have come up with are clearly not working (and mind you, I have learned this the hardest way possible). As such, we actively refrain from coming up with such schemes.

Without backing from the established publishing giants in gaming, it is necessary I pretend I am some startup-bro, which feels fake af. However, it is a necessary evil, because at the end of the day, from my perspective at least, everything which supports Total Rendition’s development is good and everything which hinders it is bad. T2 Games (owner of Rockstar North) will not support this production and neither will CD Projekt. So, it is up to us and up to me in particular.

In conclusion, I have not only mentioned what I hope to accomplish feature-wise, having also mentioned how we are going to get there. Total Rendition version will come to other platforms besides Itch.io.

-Mordechai Gabai

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