Getting to Total Rendition Beta

Building on the themes laid down in an earlier article on Iterative prototyping, we should now focus on how we plan to making Total Rendition Beta. What Beta specifically means – to us at least – is feature-completeness. Prototype will in that sense be a major milestone, towards the Total Rendition Beta. The Total Rendition Beta is a couple of milestones away from the upcoming Feature-complete is here defined in terms of code, so therefore excludes assets such as levels, assignments and dialogues.

Harrison Ford apparently struggled to say the lines George Lucas had written down for him. Then again, Mr. Lucas is not exactly known for his great dialogues. Remember that we, unlike George Lucas and his crew, are comparably few in number. Furthermore, we currently have only relatively limited financial resources at our disposal. We therefore need to be very deliberate in how we develop Total Rendition. Dialogues and certain narrative elements will therefore only be finalised once Total Rendition hits Beta.

Total Rendition Beta features

A provisional list of projected Beta features, which is not necessarily exhaustive:

  • Journal
    • 20 tile inventory system (5×4) which allows player to alternative use or remove items from their inventory.
    • Pick-Up system
    • Skill system with upgrade confirmation
    • Assignment system with scroller, dynamic parameters and archive for failed and completed quests
    • In-game menu containing all options from main menu + ability to save a game.
  • Player modifiers
    • Accuracy (how much recoil you can suppress)
    • Speed (how fast you move)
    • Health (how much hits you can take before you die)
    • Stamina (a condition of no stamina prevents you from sprinting, sneaking, using iron-sights or scopes)
    • Fatigue (determines your maximum stamina, gradually decreases over a span 18 in-game hours)
  • Stealthplay
    • AI enemies’ Alert system
      • Make NPC’s sound and direction sensitive.
    • Security systems
      • Alert enemy NPCs, if you are too careless on CCTV
      • SIS-II signalisation, causing hostile police presence if you appear on public CCTV
      • Alarms which will prompt hostile NPC movements
  • Dialogue
    • Link Voice-Overs with lipsync data
    • Persuasion options
    • Intimidation options
    • Quest parameter alteration through dialogue
  • Gunplay
    • “Interesting” recoil.
    • Gun skills will increase accuracy modifiers in player character and therefore reduce recoil.
    • Each gun will have a certain caliber, determining which ammunitions it can accept/donate.
    • Explosive weapons can destroy doors.
  • The Hideout
    • Arcana internalisation.
    • Select weapons load-out.
    • Switch player characters.
    • Initiate co-op.
  • Main menu
    • New game
    • Legal disclaimer (just before entering the main menu
    • Load game
    • Options
      • Graphics options
        • Aspect ratio
        • Resolution
        • Texture detail
        • Post processing detail
        • Shadow detail
        • FX detail
        • Foilage detail
      • Audio options
        • Volume, including separate volume options for gunshots, footsteps, dialogues, music and UI
      • Gameplay options
        • Rebind controls (keyboard + mouse)
        • Difficulty level (player health and NPC health)
  • Gamepad support (including DualShock, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers)
  • Ability to save a game at any given moment
  • Mini-games
    • Backgammon
    • Chess

Source code

If you’re interested in working on any of these items, feel free to contact Source code of prototype is available free-of-charge from

-Mordechai Gabai