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So, over the last months I took a break. And frankly, I did not feel particularly confident releasing as an “oven-ready” prototype release and further playtesting revealed my concerns were actually quite well-founded. As such, I think I may have saved a lot of players lots of frustration by postponing.

Thus, releasing as a prototype instead, might be the most akin to something what should have been. had lacklustre gunplay. Even though I did design Total Rendition to be playable without using firearms throughout the game, I still felt the gunplay was a deterioration compared earlier versions and that as such, it would be no good to release in this state.

Ideally, I want the gunplay to be as smooth as it was in and I keep hearing that this was the best version of Total Rendition so far in terms of combat.

That all being said, versions since display significant growth in terms overall gameplay features which I believe are highly essential to Total Rendition. In this sense, the progress was real. Now, will be available from, as usual thus far. However, behind the scenes, I have done plenty of work to get Schizotypy Games work. And by extent Total Rendition’s development. While I took rest from hands-on work, as mentioned previously, I did do plenty of bureaucratic stuff during the last few months.

This bureaucratic stuff will be necessary to raise the necessary investment for Schizotypy Games, which in turn will be necessary to attract the necessary talent, because I am very unlikely to finish Total Rendition on my own. Indeed, as auteuristic Total Rendition may seem, what has been made so far could not have been made without Total Rendition’s Dev Team as whole, of which I’m just a part.

Yet, even with the people on the team, it is not remotely large enough to get Total Rendition made as I have intended. Still, there exists such a thing as too large, which is probably going to be my pitch to investors why Schizotypy Games compares favourably to the likes T2 games and CD Projekt, not only from player’s perspectives and indeed, also from a financial perspective.

-Mordechai Gabai

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