Game development IS gainful and effective!

Admittedly, in the last few weeks, I have brought remarkably little progress updates since Total Rendition’s advanced to As such, you might be tempted to think Total Rendition could perhaps be dead. Yet, this couldn’t further from the truth.

On the other hand, I did make remarkably little progress when it comes to contributing code to Total Rendition. Indeed, I haven’t managed to find time to pick up from So, what’s going on exactly?

The little programming skills I have are a lifeline in the face of squeezed resources, enabling prototyping despite of it and thus, a hope that Schizotypy Games will be sufficiently capitalised to build Total Rendition, having what investors cynically call a “Minimum Viable Product” to show my vision for Total Rendition could reasonably be expected to gain sufficient traction for them to recoup their investment. You can try these “Minimum Viable Products” out yourself.

Why bother going through all that? Well, reckon my vision for Total Rendition requires hardware and effort which all need to be compensated somehow. So, apart from actually working on Total Rendition, I also pretend to be a hustler. Yet, hustling is still very much overrated. Furthermore, it goes a bit against my nature as well: I’m first and foremost an (aspiring) artist.

Admittedly, pretending to be a hustler goes a bit too well now: The people I would much rather have thinking of me as an artist, now think of me as a go-getting hustler. On the other hand, programmers think of me as a (misguided) artist, while VC’s are inclined think of me as some deranged programmer. So, what am I really?

Darren Aronofsky (known for film classics such as Pi, Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan) reputedly said “Filmmaking is barely an art. 99% of my job is bureaucracy.” He’s probably selling himself – not to mention his own craft – a wee bit short, though I found the quote resonating with my personal situation to a very large degree. This, even if I am a game developer (or game playwright) and not a filmmaker.

Yet, dealing with bureaucracy is not the only problem here. It looks the Evening Telegraph’s coverage of the McStalking case is not the only instance of fake news we personally have to contend with either. The Daily Reckoning has been using Total Rendition’s logo design, re-using exactly the same typeface, whilst spreading misinformation. Essentially, an Evening Telegraph pretending to be one of us, or so at least it looks like it.

There is no connection whatsoever between Total Rendition and Daily Reckoning: It’s great if we get imitated, although not so much if it is by would-be DC Thomsons, etc. Total Rendition’s logo has been used since 2018, shoot me if it turned out they have beaten us to it! Probably not though. Others may imitate our design and even be initially more successful in courting attention, yet they can never take down Total Rendition with them!

Now, inadvertently, we do in turn resemble something that came before us, at least in name. Before Total Rendition, there was Rendition: Guantanamo. That project unfortunately got axed prematurely, amid much controversy, not unlike the controversy Total Rendition currently is facing. Rendition: Guantanamo itself was attacked, unfairly smeared as glorifying terrorism.

Since in Total Rendition, a lot of enemy NPCs in Total Rendition are terrorists (of the Neo-Nazi kind), the tabloids and far-right fake news outlets couldn’t play the glorifying terrorism allegation. Instead, being Total Rendition’s creator, I am on the receiving end of fake news in the form of libellous allegations and false flag operations.

While it is true I face vexatious litigation, the fake news coverage thus far has given the McStalking case an undeserved facade of legitimacy, which arguably harmed Total Rendition’s development significantly. However, the way I see it, they can only slow it down, although never remove it from memory.

Thus, the hustling and the information warfare against the fake news websites (as in, really fake news websites) serves a purpose, namely, to ensure we are able to keep going. Until Total Rendition has been finished, the way I had intended. These times have shown us why Total Rendition tells us the story we need you to hear. And it should be made abundantly clear that despite what the naysayers say, game development like this is “gainful and effective”.

We will be resuming hands-on work on Total Rendition soon and I hope you’ll be looking forward to what I will be able to show to you!

-Mordechai Gabai