Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is necessary for the free artistic creation of everything, including video games. I have experienced first-hand this is under threat. Even in those parts of the world renowned for supposedly having it, such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We should understand that free expression requires the right to offend.

Earlier this year, the Evening Telegraph, wrote a specimen of fake news about me. To be fair, some of it is true; Does not nearly everyone use social media and other technologies over the world wide web to “stalk” other people? Despite this, the article is bound to influence to course of the judicial proceedings, if Dundee Sheriff Court deems the issue to be justiciable. This because the article gives legitimacy to fabricated evidence and staged events. There is perhaps a slim hope that the court will realise, that this matter is nothing more than a SLAPP. It would effectively throw the case into the bin, where it belongs.

Fake news everywhere

The Evening Telegraph’s article is fake news, because it fundamentally misrepresents who I am. Not only that, it misrepresents the matter itself. The article seeks to make me look like a criminal who attempts to get away with wrongdoings. It also glosses over important aspects of the matter. The most important aspects of the matter are perhaps the very things that the Evening Telegraph did not write about. Think of Total Rendition, the complainant’s connection with Dundee Contemporary Arts, my arbitrary detention and the complicity of ecclesiastical organisations in securing my detention.

That being said, some of the proposed solutions to deal with fake news are quite disturbing. There are for instance talks about regulating the media. However, that brings threats to our freedom of expression in its own way. It would provide incentives for people to bring about false fake news accusations. There are already incentives to bring forward vexatious cases. Particularly in the form of false libel or stalking allegations, as these often court sympathy and an excessive legal response against perceived offenders.

There is no point in trying to bring the Evening Telegraph down. They have the right to hurl insults towards everyone. It should however, be obvious that subscribers to the Evening Telegraph are not qualified to be jurors for this case. In the future, it will no doubt pretend to have stood on my side.

Arbitrary detention

The Evening Telegraph published the article on the date that I finally received bail. Interestingly enough, it also coincided with the inauguration of Boris Johnson’s prime ministership. The Dundee homeless-shelter known as the Lily Walker Centre became my formal bail address. After all, I did not have a fixed abode when I was falsely arrested.

Since receiving bail, I moved to Edinburgh in response to the abuse I faced on the streets of Dundee since then. I spent around 40 days detained at HMP Perth without a conviction or even trial. All that, simply on the grounds of facing an allegation, whilst having no fixed abode. Inside British prisons, Gaming-grade computers and even internet-access are banned. As such, development of Total Rendition grinded to a halt during that period. It is quite telling that the government spent taxpayer money suppressing the progress of Total Rendition. As opposed to supporting it.


To date and despite this, I still do not have a fixed abode. In part, this is to facilitate the development of Total Rendition. Sofasurfing and filling the gaps staying in touristy hostels kept housing costs down. This way, I can commit myself to Total Rendition full-time.

Once, I had fashioned the Scottish Episcopal Church to be a very liberal church. However, I since discovered that its hierarchy is certainly not above persecuting perceived deviants using sly means. They stood aside when they could have prevented my arbitrary detention. In fact, they rendered aid in locating me to the officers involved in my false arrest on the 18th of June this year.

Yet the warning signs were already there before then. Letters were intercepted by laity. My reputation was sabotaged from behind. Apparently, the SEC’s stance on the matter was justified as a “safeguarding issue”. These “safeguarding issues” are part of ecumenical agreements, ostensibly intended to combat paedosexuality within the Roman Catholic Church. Theodor Adorno warned us how the instinctive urge against sexual delinquency, is more often used to justify authoritarianism, as opposed to fighting actual sexual abuse.

Dire conclusions

Now, I have heard claims that Dundee Contemporary Arts functions as de-facto gatekeeper. I cannot judge for the veracity of such claims. While I rather not go into details, I initially did have an intimate relationship with the complainant. Consider the fact Police Scotland still holds data storage containing important files related to Total Rendition, as opposed to actual evidence. This suggests the lawsuit is indeed strategically planned. A suit designed to disrupt progress on Total Rendition.

However, the outcome of the matter will determine the future of freedom of expression. And not just in Scotland. It will determine the debate regarding freedom of expression throughout the OECD-members and the rest of the world. As voting records of UN general assembly have shown, nation-states are prone to group-think, for good and ill.

I will not be personally present for the hearing planned on November 5th. This because I do not wish to become a celebrity over this matter. While the letter of the law says that “absconding” is illegal, the spirit of the law suggests otherwise. It is already acceptable within Scots Law to not appear at civil hearings. Besides, the goal of criminal law is not simply to bring wrongdoers to justice; it is to bring enemies of society to justice. However, if people like myself are deemed enemies of society, then society outlived its usefulness to its denizens.

-Mordechai Gabai