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The Brabant killers One of the suspected Brabant Killers

The Brabant killers

Total Rendition is a work of fiction. However, at the same time, it is quite a serious commentary about the pitfalls of authoritarian beliefs, among other things. The scary yet plausible aspects of the Brabant killers are some examples of sources of inspiration for Total Rendition. The Brabant killers are known in Dutch as de […]

Tzipora Herzog Tzipora Herzog

Tzipora Herzog

Tzipora Herzog, was born in Netanya in Israel on the 11th of June 1988. Her father was a second-generation Israeli father of German-Jewish extraction, his parents, in turn, being Holocaust survivors. Her Iranian-Jewish mother fled Iran amid the fallout of the 1979 Iranian revolution. Tzipora Herzog always struggled with her background due to the domestic […]

André Weiland André Weiland

André Weiland

André Weiland was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands on the 9th of March 1987 to Surinamese parents. After the Bijlmer disaster in 1992 led to the loss of his mother, his father implored André to take up soccer to cope with the frustration stemming from the loss. Considered bright pupil as well, he seemingly […]

Freedom of expression Total Rendition

Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is necessary for the free artistic creation of everything, including video games. I have experienced first-hand this is under threat. Even in those parts of the world renowned for supposedly having it, such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We should understand that free expression requires the right to offend. Earlier […]