DC Thomson peddles fake news.

How DC Thomson is bringing us ruin

As some of you may know, I have earlier explained how Googling my name may get you to see a couple of nasty articles in the Evening Telegraph. DC Thomson (DC Comics is not related, thank goodness!) is the owner of The Evening Telegraph.

Now, DC Thomson has a dark history from the very beginning. For instance, DC Thomson’s current and historical business practices, such as the refusal to hire people originating from certain groups, reflected the bigotry of its eponymous founder, Douglas Coupar Thomson, a Scottish Mr Breitbart of his times. Notable victims of such policies included Dundee’s sizable community of people of Irish heritage, for instance. While times have changed and so has content and form, certain intentions and methods remain steady, as do their consequences.

The Evening Telegraph is originally a local Dundee newspaper, although its articles’ implications have now become global in scope. What is notable is that outside of Dundee, the articles encourage stangers to take up a prejudiced treatment against me. This significantly slowed down Total Rendition’s progress.

Dundee’s local Breitbart

The Evening Telegraph itself can be likened to a mini-Breitbart with a regional focus on Dundee. A city which I have left, since the publication of the articles I am talking about. The existence of DC Thomson may explain why Dundee compares badly to other cities, both in Scotland as well as Europe in general, in metrics such as drug overdose deaths, teenage pregnacies and crime rates. DC Thomson is a very effective propaganda machine able to entice the guillable to look away from actual issues. Instead, it entices to people to focus on non-issues and red-herrings.

Contrary to popular belief, Dundee’s economy does not revolve around creative occupations or technical innovation let alone video games. Rather, Dundee’s economy revolves around DC Thomson. While Dundee’s jute and jam industries have all but disappeared, DC Thomson monopolised its hold over journalism in Dundee. DC Thomson functions as a parasite; It feeds on the negative emotions of the general public of Dundee and the surrounding Tayside region. The astounding fact is that this has continued so far, for more than a century. DC Thomson effectively foreshadowed Breitbart’s hate-mongering and the negative mental health effects of Facebook more than a century ahead.


I am motivated to build Total Rendition in order to train people’s bullshit detectors through immersive and engaging play. That is, my goal is to teach players of Total Rendition the ability to discern propaganda by means of play. This, I believe, is the antidote to the likes of DC Thomson and other fake news peddlars.

I have been refused custom by several hostels, makerspaces (I’m talking to you, Edinburgh Hacklab) and pubs, which ironically, including one named after George Orwell. All of this following the publication of the articles that we are discussing. Although correlation does nmot imply causation, more than once, it has been admitted that this was on account of the reputation that I have received as a result of the articles. I’m sure George Orwell himself would have actually have turned inside his grave if he found out about a pub named after him, the publican of which turning down a customer for taking the word of a local far-right newspaper over that of the customer in question.

Regardless, these facts are extremely shocking. It shows a general public with low amount of critical thinking skills. Norsefire Britain as depicted in V for Vendetta could just be around the corner. Indeed, a media landscape that engenders hatred coupled with a civil society insufficiently educated to recognise malicious smear pieces, can be found across the Western world. The damage this combination is able to cause is unspeakable.

The parable of the missing white woman

Please do mind that the articles are a horrible example of missing white woman syndrome. Now fortunately, and not just for her sake, the complainant is not actually missing. Because if she was, I probably would not have been able to write you this. If there is anything that serves as a trigger for angry white males, it is exactly that: A (fake) story of a white woman supposedly victimised by a foreigner like myself.

The complainant is however conspicuously absent from the narrative in both Evening Telegraph articles. We don’t get to know the possible motivations for the complaint by the “stalked woman”, to give us the information to discern whether these complaints could be justified or not. Indeed, the Evening Telegraph affords the “stalked woman” only the ability to become an abstract white British/Scottish woman. A perceived alien element is in turn (to be) perceived to be victimising (that is, “stalking”) her. Indeed, I have actually suffered plenty of abuse coming from angry white-males of far-right political constitution, since the articles’ publication.

Little finesse

The editors of the Evening Telegraph are prudent enough – legally speaking – not to mention my ethnicity. Instead, they will mention my formal bail address at the time. This has the additional effect of stigmatising about everyone with a non-standard mode of tenure. Furthermore, the Evening Telegraph did not mention that I pleaded not guilty. The trial was even cancelled few days before it was supposed to hit court on Guy Fawkes’ day of 2019. The 5th of November of 2019 was in fact itself a postponement; The 25th of July 2019 being the original trial date. If the PF and/or the complainant are unscrupulous enough, they could have fabricated all manners of “evidence” in the meantime. Justice delayed is justice denied, after all. All facts the Evening Telegraph has failed to report upon. There is little finesse in the way they deliver “news”.

Likewise, the articles glossed over a variety of other unpleasant facts such as the loss of equipment to the Scottish Police Services. The Evening Telegraph falsely – yet subtly – claimed that I supposedly had perpetrated a protracted stalking-campaign between January and June. In reality, there was only very sporadic (and mutual) contact in and around both January and June. Indeed, my position is that, the manner in which I reached out to the complainant, cannot possibly constitute a criminal offence. Certainly not in a society that values freedom of speech.

Fair AND balanced!

If the Evening Telegraph cared about even-handed journalism, surely they could have bothered to make mention of all this? However, remember they would rather want to impute all the well-known Right-Wing Authoritarian tropes instead. For instance, that I’m supposedly a drain on the country in some way or a menace to its local women.

Conversely, that I am working on Total Rendition has gone unmentioned. On the other hand, consider my arbitrary detention at HMP Perth for 40 days, without a trial. A gross violation of Habeas Corpus, in 21st century Europe! Especially considering the fact, the trial (planned for 25th of July 2019 and not Guy Fawkes’ day 2019) was postponed after court granted bail. Obviously, not exactly convenient facts towards the Evening Telegraph’s authoritarian and xenophobic fairy-tale cuckoo-land they wish to present to its readers.

This is why the world needs Total Rendition

The incidents however underscored why the message Total Rendition brings to the world is for the better. Although the message is serious, I still strive for Total Rendition to be a fun and engaging experience. And everyone is most invited to play Total Rendition!

We know that large scale media corporations such as DC Thomson have the capability to influence political events, when we do not think straight.

-Mordechai Gabai