WIP: Keyboard rebindings

We are in progress of adding a major usability feature of Total Rendition, that will be present in, namely, keyboard rebinding. Having recently finished the graphics options with version (for most part at least), upon making all controls rebindable, we will have arrived at version Indeed, I’m proud to say I’m surpassing my own expectations in terms of programming skills!

Version promises to wonderfully “boring” in the sense that I have gotten some of the most dull features in (at least dull for me to make and adds very little in the way of new content or gameplay features) yet form nonetheless an essential part of a good game play that is played on a PC.

The bulk of the backend has been and will be further done in C++, while the frontend will uses blueprint to avoid having to fiddle around with pixels.

While most of the focus of will be on enhancing the player experience by making it more customisable and more adaptable across different hardware capacities, there will be some new additions to Villa Therese. However, the opportunity to explore Noordwijk by foot will have to wait a while and arrive no sooner than I really hope you can spare the patience!

-Mordechai Gabai