Total Rendition – the Steam debut?

I have something to make good with you players. I intended to make 1.2.7 the next playable iteration after 1.0.8. Didn’t happen. Then 2.1.0. Also didn’t happen. Yet, 4.1.8 feels a bit too far away as well. In terms of features, progress is going alright. However, you will also need something to show it with, which is becoming increasingly scarce.

At this point, I have been seriously considering the idea the make 3.2.2 the next playable milestone version, as opposed to 2.1.0, as well even the Steam debut, as opposed to 4.1.8 (in turn, as opposed to 7.1.8). Like 4.1.8, 3.2.2’s binaries would be exclusive to Linux, because we aim to discourage you from using Windows (because KMFMS) yet for most Mac users, it would probably be still too baffling.

3.2.2 would lack some level transition features, as well as notably the ability to save, the way things are looking now. Furthermore, this version would be set exclusively in Noordwijk’s famous Queen Astrid Boulevard. However, there would still be plenty of things to do and far-right militants to blow up. Furthermore, by 3.2.2, most of the gameplay mechanics themselves would be in place. Worth a shot?

Imagine a typical Total Rendition 3.2.2 session; You might receive a couple of phone messages telling you what to do, or at least offering you as a player suggestions what to do. It would be a narrative sandbox really. The basic gameplay of Total Rendition is here, as is part of the story, although it’s brought in an extremely compressed format.

Would this work out? Well, that would depend on whether I would be able to join forces with an environment designer and 3D artist (ideally, the same person) to have models for the NPC’s, weapons as well as some additional animations made to make a version Steam-worthy. However, it would also depend on whether we would feel confident enough to show it you.

Obviously, it would still be far-cry from the gold status Total Rendition and while should satisfy your thirst, it should also leave no doubt that it’s not quite yet the gold version either. We’ll keep you posted whether this idea is worth following up…

-Mordechai Gabai