Total Rendition has reached yet another milestone this month: It is now finished programming-wise and as such, you can already build the binaries yourself. At least, if you feel like it.

Now, it is still my intention to make the binaries for the editor and the game itself available on itch.io, if you are crazy enough to try out early versions of Total Rendition, yet not crazy enough to build the source code yourself. These versions will be Linux exclusive, nevermind the finalised Total Rendition is to become available for Mac OS and Windows as well.

For the game itself, reckon I might do so polishing first before I throw the game’s executable online. The editor may come even earlier and will allow you to make your own levels for Total Rendition. (The Total Rendition dev team is still looking for a capable environment designer to join the team, among others.)

I have decided to scrap a few features from Total Rendition, notably the Arcana function, since that wasn’t really what people seemed to like about Total Rendition. That being said, it is not going to completely disappear from the lore of Total Rendition.

On the final note, for Total Rendition to be feature complete, it would still require a few finishing touches, namely save games, proper level transitions (as the ones currently implemented are extremely crude) and a map UI to keep track of things.