Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows…

The game they don’t want you to play!

Total Rendition is an immersive first-person experience, that plunges you into a web of filial conflicts, terrorism and post-truth maneuvering.

Make complex choices in an environment which chillingly mirrors our own. Furthermore, get to work with the wildest range of possible solutions for any given problem.

Deal with believable characters with unbelievable motivations, such as: Dodgy businesspeople, spoiled heiresses, shrewd mercenary captains, neo-fascist militiamen, bent cops and horrific doctors. So, enjoy the thinly veiled facade covering the Post-Truth dystopia behind Holland’s Finest Beach!

Get Total Rendition

Currently available as Early Access from for Windows and Linux, to be rolled out to other platforms, including Steam, as well as to other systems, including Mac OS.

More platforms to follow following gold status a.k.a. when early acces period is over. Early access shall only end when it’s done.

Please Don’t Follow!

For the best experience, any smartphone you might have should either be switched to airplane mode or powered off before playing, as Total Rendition is not on any “social media” at all.

On the other hand, your foes may use “social media” to plan their attacks or even to spy on you in real-life. Indeed, “social media” threatens your freedom, both in Total Rendition and in real-life!

Support & Feedback

Mail us at for technical support and feature requests, such as reporting bugs. Reach us at for development related questions, such as requests to join the devteam.

Progress updates

The most recent version: (as of June 13th 2021) – Upcoming milestone: – Latest milestone: (June 13th 2021) – Previous milestones: (March 17th 2021), (December 11th 2020)