The Game they don’t want you to Play!

…an upcoming title and an uncompromising depiction of the real-world’s politics. Planned to be rendered on PC (including Windows, Mac and Linux), PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, when it’s done of course!

This is the game which does not intend to stick to the same tired conventions. Instead, you will see the world from someone getting entangled in a complicated web of deceit, filial rivalry and political extremism. And indeed, this will be your Total Rendition: Welcome to Holland’s Finest Beach!

  • Total Immersion!
  • A narrative-driven single-player experience giving you to uncover a plot that sucks you!
  • Multiple ways to solve problems!
  • Repay college debts through unsavoury work! (The silver-lining of which being you get to elude, fool, shoot, beat up or blow up some Neo-Nazis along the way!)
  • Believable characters with believable motivations, in an unbelievably post-truth dystopia, that is already here!
  • Political commentary!
  • The game (play) which has already caused a bigger shitstorm than Grand Theft Auto!

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Alongside Steam, will be one of the platforms on which you will be able to order the PC version. Furthermore, TR creator speaks out his mind about a variety of topics on Total Rendition’s official devlog.

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OST Preview by Død Beverte