Total Rendition: The Game they don’t want you to Play!

Imagine getting entangled in a complicated web of deceit, filial rivalry and domestic terrorism. Welcome to Holland’s Finest Beach!

Currently available as pre-order-and-play, courtesy from our friends at – for updates on the future Steam release, be sure to come back here often!

Key features of Total Rendition

  • Total Immersion from a first-person perspective!
  • Repay your college debts, while navigating your way through a web of interfilial conflicts, domestic terrorism and post-truth, as well as all the things money shouldn’t buy, yet does…
  • A story which will suck you in and awaken your political consciousness!
  • Make complex choices in an environment which chillingly mirrors our own…
  • Believable characters with believable motivations, in an unbelievably post-truth dystopia, that is already here!

Support & Feedback

If you wish to report a bug or seek technical support, mail us at

Progress updates

Total Rendition is still work-in-progress and if wish to petition to join the Total Rendition development team, write us at For the source code, visit us on SourceForge!

The latest iteration is: (as of March 6th 2021)

Upcoming milestone:

Latest milestone: (released December 11th 2020)