The post-truth immersive sim they don’t want you to play!

Total Rendition concept art by Julien Hauville: Vignettes of Holland's Finest Beach

A world of familial conflicts, terrorism and post-truth maneuvering

Total Rendition is a first-person experience plunging you into an insane world of internecine drama, political cover-ups and everything in between. Uncover the truth behind Europe’s most infamous urban legends and conspiracy theories, in the Dutch seaside resort of Noordwijk aan Zee, a place infamous for its shadowy meetings: An experience both unique and frighteningly real at once!

The widest array of methods!

Use the widest (and wildest) range of methods to get your way in an immersive, narrative-driven, single-player game play experience! Want to blow up that door and everyone unlucky enough to stand next to it? You do you! Want to remain unseen and become a master burglar? Be like (a) snake! Want to become the next Vasily Zaitsev? Nobody’s stopping you, unless your adversaries shoot at you first! Want to be a first-class trashtalker and sell the Grand Hotel? Go right ahead.

Make complex choices

In an environment which chillingly mirrors our own, you are bound to encounter gut-wrenching dilemma’s sure to rob you of a good night’s sleep. Break the law or follow your conscience? Tell the truth, or perhaps a noble lie? Shoot dangerous people or avoid violence at all costs? Stick to honour and principles, or chase your own interests above all else?

Total Rendition concept art by Julien Hauville: Hideout

Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PCs in your neighbourhood!

Are you tired of crowdfunding games that end up not getting made, game development studios which overpromise yet underdeliver, Lootboxes, Neglecting narrative-driven experiences for online modes? Do you want a return to game development as an artform, as it was back in the late 1990s to 2000s? You are not alone!

The Dev Team has already accomplished significant results with the limited resources available. Therefore, let’s finish where we left off: Join the campaign!

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Progress updates

Up to version, most of the work went into the core gameplay loop. Work started in 2018 with the drafting of the first design documents. Then, in 2019, the first playable prototype of Total Rendition, version, launched. 2020 saw the launch of version and from there, development advanced advanced all the way up to

We now aim to bring you up to 6 hours of dense political intrigue, more polish and more immersion with version Alongside better polished mechanics, will see the introduction of major characters in the story and new environments, both outdoor and indoor, by which Total Rendition’s plot will unfold.

Version means Total Rendition achieved gold status and is finished to the intended design specifications. This means 30 hours or more of immersive sim gameplay. Indeed, this is what we are aiming for!

The forthcoming milestone will be The latest milestone as of August 27th 2021 is, available for free on Linux Systems from

Previous milestones: (June 13th 2021), (March 17th 2021), (December 11th 2020).

A mock-up of the Queen Astrid Blvrd during the development of Total Rendition version
  • Just f-ing end the legal harassment already!
    I am revisiting this case, is amid concerns that supporting the recent campaign to stake a development budget for Total Rendition supposedly would lead to one becoming involved in the McStalking case. However, as long as you keep clear of Dundee Contemporary Arts and its employees, you’re going to be safe.
  • An update concerning “social proof”
    Not too long I had kicked off a campaign to obtain a proper development budget for a title as ambitious as Total Rendition. In so doing, I had to make a couple of trade-offs in the way I present Total Rendition
  • Together, we can make Total Rendition!
    Are you tired of microtransactions? Of crowdfunding games that end up not getting made? Of game development studios which overpromise yet underdeliver? Lootboxes? Neglecting narrative-driven experiences for online modes? Total Rendition may hold your fix!
  • The end of indie development as we know it
    As a “small game”, Total Rendition is already finished: That’s why it isn’t a “small game”!
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