An appeal from Mordechai Gabai

Total Rendition is an upcoming role-playing game set in a mirror of this world. To make sure Total Rendition will not be limited to the Villa Therese tech demos, I – that is, Mordechai Gabai – am coming with an appeal to you.

Some large changes are afoot the way Total Rendition is being developed. Certain aspects characteristic of Total Rendition’s development remain. For instance, Total Rendition is not being developed inside a large studio. Nor is it likely to developed as such be in the foreseeable future.

From the 9th of April 2020, will redirect to its Patreon page. All the Villa Therese Tech demos will be available on both Patreon and IndieDB by then. This will remain so until this website is relaunched on a date To Be Announced.

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Frankly, the biggest problem to Total Rendition’s progress, is that money begets money. To maintain the creative freedom needed to make a Total Rendition true to its original vision, it will be necessary to have a good bargaining position with investors.

I have conservatively estimated that to complete Total Rendition will cost around £2,000,000 (About $2,500,000 or €2,300,000). I do not expect to raise that amount through crowdfunding alone. In order to raise the funds necessarily to develop Total Rendition to the end, I will still have to cover my own basic needs. Instead, your support on Patreon comes in to make sure I have the financial breathing space for myself to raise the estimated production costs of Total Rendition from investors, so I do not have to compromise on creative freedom.

Why you are needed!

This, my friend, is where you come in! I invite you to play the Villa Therese tech demo’s so you can have a taste of what Total Rendition will be like. I’m proud to say, a lot has already been achieved with a shoestring budget!

Of course, the real thing, will be much bigger.

If you want to see Total Rendition to be developed to its full glory, head over to its Patreon page right now! Even if you cannot contribute financially to support the maker right now, your visit will be rewarded with exclusive links to the Villa Therese tech demos. Other ways to get updated on Total Rendition’s progress include following it on Twitter and YouTube.

I hope to hear from you soon!

-Mordechai Gabai

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