Total Rendition is the upcoming first-person role-playing game set in the very post-truth politics world of Noordwijk-aan-Zee…

In Total Rendition you become Tzipora Herzog. In order to repay the student debts of your ill-fated medicine studies, you have reluctantly become a security officer. It is in this capacity that you run errands for a wealthy, yet highly dysfunctional family. Yet not, all is what it seems. Not before long you find yourself on a hit-list of the Wunderwaffen division who are out for your blood…

Total Rendition is a passionate quest for truth, in a world that couldn’t care less.

Ongoing developments

This website is being prepared for relaunch which will coincide with an important early access release milestone.

The old Developer blog is still available from this website. For the really exclusive bits of details, head over to Patreon to subscribe to the Watchdog.

In the meantime you can already download Villa Therese Tech demos for Windows, as well as the latest Villa Therese Tech Demo for Linux, from In order to support Total Rendition’s development, you can as pay as much as you like, or none at all, so you can try out!

I’m proud to say, a lot has already achieved in part thanks to YOU. So, thank you for your help!

Of course, the real thing, will be much bigger. However, keep in mind that a thing is only done, when it’s done. That’s especially true for kind of RPG gameplay experience this aspires to offer to its players.